We believe buying or selling a car should be quick, affordable, transparent and hassle free.

Everyone knows that the process surrounding the purchase of a car is one that requires equal parts organization, research, and peace of mind before fully committing yourself to what amounts to the second-largest purchase the average person will ever make. It’s a moment that carries its fair share of emotional and financial weight, which is why Otopac has dedicated itself to streamlining the car buying process as much as possible for you.

For decades, trips to your local used car dealer were met with heavy sighs, sweaty palms, and uncomfortable negotiations with sales personnel who were driven to get you into a new purchase of a vehicle.

We strive to offer you a no hassle, no gimmick buying experience.

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Why buy from us?

As Otopac seeks to set the standard for convenience in car buying, car buyers also want to know they are getting a good deal on a quality vehicle.
For many, the price paid for a new vehicle purchase is on par, or exceeds the benefit of convenience, leaving people to wonder whether Otopac is as value-oriented as it is simple and straightforward.

How about Otopac Prices?
Fortunately for those who are more price conscious, Otopac is competitive when it comes to getting a good deal on the pre-owned car you’ve been longing for.

At Otopac, we invite customers to live “hassle free” by creating a car buying environment that doesn’t rely on salesmanship or mind games to earn your business. By eliminating rogue dealer mark-ups, we empower customers to take a stand against the price gouging that has all too often walked hand-in-hand with buying a car, souring the experience for an untold number of individuals.

At Otopac, we have built our business around cutting out overhead costs so that customers receive great value for the vehicles they buy. We do not strive to be the cheapest for the sake of being the cheapest. We strive to provide you with the optimal combination of value and mechanical condition.

When it comes to vehicle protection, Otopac also enables you to affordably bundle extended coverage with your vehicle purchase with GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection customised by ECICS Insurance for Otopac customers). GAP covers your car by extending its original warranty, covering costs should something break down, providing peace of mind long after your car buying experience with us is over.

The Buying Process
Our goal is to make car buying as easy and stress-free as possible by eliminating the pricing games you might find at a traditional dealership. Our vehicles are priced as competitively as possible– the price you see is the price you get! Your final out-the-door price is calculated inside of the purchase process and will include: the listed price of the vehicle, gst, road tax, registration fees and any extras you choose to add, such as GAP (see above).

Otopac’s no-hassle approach also applies to those who look to sell or trade-in their vehicle with Otopac. The value you receive after filling out our online appraisal is a comprehensive offer and the more information you share with us via our app or in-person physical inspection, the more accurate the price we can provide to you.

In the end, your ability to score a good deal with Otopac is just as notable as the ease and convenience of purchasing a vehicle from us that we tout. No matter how you slice it, Otopac goes the extra mile to ensure you are saving both valuable time and money.

Assurance comes Certified

We will not sell you a car that we would not sell to our friends and family. Everyone says this, but we mean it. We will give you every important detail about our cars – all features and imperfections included.

As Otopac, we have only one standard when it comes to the quality of our car, the most transparent. That means you can purchase with utmost confidence when shopping our inventory for the right car for you.

How is that confidence established?

Multi Point Inspection
We put each vehicle through a multi-point inspection so you can be confident in the quality and safety of your vehicle. This inspection includes everything from tread depth of tyres to thickness of brake pads to exterior paint quality to Bluetooth compatibility. In many instances, we even replace many of the worn parts with brand new quality items.
Cars that do not pass, don’t make it to our site!

Absolutely no Mileage Tampering
We also wanted to address the elephant in the room which is the practise of mileage alteration by certain dealerships. Integrity forms the basis of our consumer experience, and we simply don’t engage in such an act. We are happy to show any concerned customers, evidence on the mileage upon our takeover of the vehicle from previous owner.

Service History and Clean Slate
For cars that were originally purchased from the Authorized Distributors, where feasible and possible, we strive to work with the existing AD to obtain the service history.
For P.I cars, we send the units into our service support partner, Ricardo (a leading independent service facility in Singapore) for the verification and checks.